Welcome to Bible to Life, a new resource for timeless truths. We exist to provide articles that allow readers like you to engage with Scripture like never before. How do we do that? Glad you asked. Learn more below!

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What Is Bible to Life?

Bible to Life is a resource library website that was created to provide helpful, trustworthy resources that address matters of faith with the specific hope of reaching people who may be searching the internet for answers to life’s deepest questions.

We hope to point people to the trustworthiness of Scripture and the love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who gave His life to pay for the sins of the world.

Why Does Bible to Life Exist?

Bible to Life exists to lead people to learn about, engage with, and love the Word of God.

Resources that help you learn more about the Bible and its truths address things like, “What Is the Trinity?”, “Quality Time Was the Core of Christ’s Ministry”, and more.

Resources that equip you to better engage the Scriptures and apply them to your life are more practical in nature, addressing topics like, “Why Should Christians Care About Politics?”, “7 Ways to Pray for People Who Don’t Know Jesus”, and more.

Resources that stir your love for God and His Word are more devotional in nature, including posts like, “God Forgives and Forgets”, “The Affirming Words of Jesus”, and more.

We hope to accomplish this by providing trustworthy, understandable, and helpful resources that address common questions, concerns, and circumstances that people face and attempt to reconcile with matters of faith.

The Design and Content Philosophy of Bible to Life

This website is designed to feel like a virtual library. It isn’t designed to feel like a blog. It isn’t designed to feel like a news website or cultural commentary magazine.

Bible to Life is built to make our resources as easily discoverable and searchable as possible however you want to search. Maybe you want to search by book and chapter of the Bible—we have that. Maybe you want you search by topic—we have that. Perhaps you want to just look at devotionals, you can do that.

At Bible to Life, we’re not interested in chasing cultural trends or current events and telling you our opinions on them.

What Kind of Resources Does Bible to Life Provide?

Right now, Bible to Life only provides text-based resources. Eventually we hope to provide video and audio resources as well. All of our resources fall into four primary categories:

  • Verse Collections are resources that help you get a better understanding of what the Bible says about a given topic or find just the right Bible verse to write on your encouragement card to a hurting friend.
  • Questions are meant to answer the question in the title of the post. Sometimes these posts address common questions people pose about faith or Christianity, and sometimes they’re more specific and unique to particular life circumstances.
  • Devotionals are dedicated to helping encourage your heart and point you to the goodness of God that we see throughout the Bible. We hope that devotionals stir your affections for God and remind you of His love and care for you.
  • Articles are the posts that don’t really fall into any of the other categories. Most articles will be practical in nature and help you better engage the Bible and apply its truths to your life.

Who Runs Bible to Life?

On a day-to-day basis, Bible to Life is managed by Chris Martin, editor at Moody Publishers.

Bible to Life is a ministry of Moody Publishers, a nonprofit Christian publishing house located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Since being founded by D. L. Moody in 1894, Moody Publishers has distributed more than 300 million books, spanning from Bible commentary and reference to spiritual and relational growth, as well as award-winning fiction.