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Take Your Influence and Leadership Seriously

By Maina Mwaura

Every disciple needs three types of relationships in his life. He needs a “Paul” who can...

How to Talk to My Kids About Divorce

By Moody Radio

Divorce is a heartbreaking reality, especially in the United States. In America, more than...

Share the Gospel with Your Muslim Friends

By Thabiti Anyabwile

Christians often place incredible pressure on themselves to have all the right answers and to...

Does God “Help Those Who Help Themselves”?

By Winfred Neely

Benjamin Franklin, in his Poor Richard’s Almanac, penned many memorable maxims that to this...

What Is Eternity Like?

By David Finkbeiner  and J. Brian Tucker

Where is history going? This profound question is one every worldview must answer. The...

Should Christians Worship on Saturday or Sunday?

By Michael A. Rydelnik

There is a good bit of confusion about the fourth of the Ten Commandments, which reads,...

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Confront Crossroads With Courage and Faith

By Mark Jobe

As you look back over your own story and try to explain how you ended up where you are, you...

Is Knowing Jesus Better Than Anything?

By Heather Holleman

Scripture contains several dozen “better than” statements. What’s better than fame? What’s...

God Works Through Our Limitations

By Erica Wiggenhorn

When we suffer from a fear of inadequacy or failure, allowing other people to see our...

From the Shadow of the Cross

By Bryan Loritts

In Holman Hunt’s classic painting, Jesus comes to the end of what appears to be another long...

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102 Bible Verses on Joy

Believe it or not, God wants you to be joyful. God is not a grumpy old man in the sky...

88 Bible Verses on Idolatry

Idolatry is very simply worshiping someone or something as God in place of the one, true...

120 Bible Verses on Evil

We all feel the effects of evil in some way, don’t we? Unfortunately, some of us have...

60 Bible Verses on Trusting God

It be difficult to trust God sometimes, even as we believe in Him and His good purposes for...

Book cover for 14 Fresh Ways to Enjoy the Bible

14 Fresh Ways to Enjoy the Bible

James Coakley
Book cover for The Influential Mentor

The Influential Mentor

Maina Mwaura
Book cover for Screen Kids

Screen Kids

Gary Chapman & Arlene Pellicane
Book cover for Go Outside

Go Outside

Jared C. Wilson & Becky Wilson
Book cover for The Grace Marriage

The Grace Marriage

Brad & Marilyn Rhoads
Book cover for The Gospel for Muslims

The Gospel for Muslims

Thabiti Anyabwile