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Prayer and Our Humble Need for God

By Bill Thrasher

What is prayer? O. Hallesby, one of Norway’s leading Christian teachers, said that prayer is...

A Brief Explanation of the Tower of Babel

By Herbert Wolf

Just before the account of God’s call to Abram, Genesis gives a succinct description of yet...

5 Things to Pray Before You Read the Bible

By Nate Pickowicz

As it pertains to our Bible study, what sort of things should we be praying for? Too often, I...

What Is Kingdom Race Theology?

By Tony Evans

As a biblical kingdomologist, I am unashamedly committed to the absolute authority and...

How Does God Physically Connect With His People?

By Gary Chapman

Evidence that God speaks the love language of physical touch is seen throughout the...

Why Is God Not Mentioned in the Book of Esther?

By Michael A. Rydelnik

Can you imagine someone writing a history of the birth of the United States, including the...

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Celebrate True Beauty

By Hannah Anderson

Once we are convinced that lovely things are worth pursuing, we still face the challenge of...

God Sharpens Us With Patience

By Becky Harling

Waiting is the worst. Waiting when you’re excited with anticipation is one thing, but waiting...

Is There Anything in My Life That Doesn’t Please God?

By Heather Holleman

This question helps me daily as we’re told in Galatians to “keep in step with the Spirit”...

The Apostle Paul: Touched by God

By Gary Chapman

The language of physical touch demonstrated by Jesus and His followers did not end with a...

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83 Bible Verses About Parenting

Parenting can be so difficult while at the same time being one of the greatest blessings of...

85 Bible Verses About Worship

God wants our worship. Christians are commanded to worship no one but the trinitarian Yahweh...

39 Bible Verses About Family

God cares about family. The people to whom we are related are chosen by God, even if we feel...

150 Bible Verses About Faith

Faith is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian. So, naturally, God’s Word has...

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Kathy Koch
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Earth Filled With Heaven

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