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Fear Starts With Scarcity

By Dan White, Jr.

Fear comes from a place of a tense, aching, insecure restlessness within us—a gurgling...

3 Reasons to Study the Bible

By Howard Hendricks  and William Hendricks

When it comes to Bible reading, hesitation abounds for a variety of reasons. People ask...

Love Not the World

By Hannah Anderson

At its essence, worldliness is a disposition of the heart—the belief that goodness comes from...

Will We Ever See God’s Face?

By Michael A. Rydelnik

If we love the Lord Jesus, one of our great frustrations is that we have not yet seen Him. Of...

Where Should I Start Reading the Bible?

By John MacArthur

Short Answer From Bible to Life: Maybe start in 1 John or the Gospel of John…but wherever you...

How Should Christian Parents Handle Attitude With Children?

By Kara Durbin

What is Attitude? Noun—Your opinions and feelings about someone or something. Theo has a...

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Slander, Judgment, and the Fear of Man

By Trillia Newbell

I can remember an incident when I heard my name and personhood slammed. It was pretty...

Christ’s Love Makes Us Beautiful

By Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Women love beauty. We enjoy the process of adorning ourselves and our environment. Shopping...

God Is Our Shield

By Becky Harling

But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.Psalm 3:3 I...

We Are Invited Into God’s Presence

By Colin S. Smith

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life . . . . On each side of the river...

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116 Bible Verses About Prayer

Prayer is the Christian’s vital means of talking to the God of the universe. What a...

73 Bible Verses About Friendship

Friendship is vital to the Christian life. What does the Bible say about friendship, then? It...

88 Inspirational Bible Verses

The Bible is an amazing book. It’s full of stories, poems, prophecy, history, and so...

55 Bible Verses About Peace

God wants peace for His people and His creation. It’s at the core of why Christ came to...

Book cover for How to Begin the Christian Life

How to Begin the Christian Life

George Sweeting
Book cover for Christ Among Other Gods

Christ Among Other Gods

Erwin Lutzer
Book cover for Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church

Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church

Donald S. Whitney
Book cover for Anger


Gary Chapman
Book cover for Redeeming How We Talk

Redeeming How We Talk

Ken Wytsma and A. J. Swoboda
Book cover for Acts of God

Acts of God

Bob Russell and Rob Suggs