God Is Sovereign Over All Politics

Tony Evans
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God made it clear in Psalm 33:12 that a nation is blessed when they recognize Him as God over them. It says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.” The nation who recognizes God as Lord will find His favor. It doesn’t say the nation who simply recognizes the person of God, but also the position of God, as “Lord.” That is, to recognize His rule and His policies in how a nation is to function. When that is done consistently, the nation itself receives God’s blessings. Likewise, when that is not done or when God is rejected as ruler and Lord, then the nation itself loses out on the blessings of God (Jer. 18:7–12).

This is why it is incumbent upon Christians first and foremost to ascribe ourselves not first to a political party but rather to the superintending governance of God through the mechanism of civil government. No political party fully represents the values of the kingdom of God. It is to the degree that we operate under this covenantal umbrella through aligning our actions and policies under God that we will experience the goodness of God in our land. In this manner, we will also encourage the goodness and righteousness in those who rule our land.

Civil government that is rightly related to God should mirror His trinitarian nature of unity and diversity. Within the Godhead, there is unity of purpose and authority but not sameness of function (i.e., the three branches of government). Governments should reflect this reality as a constitutional republic administered through its just and righteous representatives that consistently reflect biblical standards.

God’s principles are never to be separated from the overarching governance of a land.

Scripture makes it clear in Romans 13:1 that we are to submit to governing authorities. It says, “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” Therefore, whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God. In doing so, they similarly usher in condemnation upon themselves.

This is why we must seek the right kind of government according to the will of God. Since we are called to submit to governing authorities, we must do everything we can to ensure God remains in the equation when it comes to our policies and governmental structures and leadership. The further you remove God’s person and His policies from politics, the further you remove the nation from a position of blessing, power, and covering. You leave the nation exposed to all manner of attack, vulnerabilities, destruction, and infiltration.

No matter how much you pray as a nation or how much you use God’s name or appeal to His mercy, if God has been removed from how a government functions, the character of its leaders and the values of its citizens, those prayers will often go unanswered. Leaving God out of the equation also removes God’s intervention and blessing on the nation. God’s principles are never to be separated from the overarching governance of a land.

In fact, the Bible is pregnant with politics. From Genesis to Revelation, you see God involved with politics. We read about Him establishing or dismantling governments, giving standards for laws or judging lawbreakers. God is not disengaged when it comes to nations and politics. He makes His rule a comprehensive statement over “all authorities,” not just some. He is to be over the mayor, city council, state legislature, governor, house of representatives, senate, president, and more. God rules over all.

To the degree that these various authorities are aligned with God’s person and His policies is to that degree that the nation experiences unity, justice, and liberty. Conversely, to the degree that these various authorities are unaligned with God’s person and His policies is to that degree that chaos will consume order.

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