Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers in the Faith

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
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Several years ago, I received an unforgettable email from a young woman in her early thirties, a single mom I had known since she was a little girl. The subject line said simply, “Happy Mother’s Day.” Intrigued, I opened it and read on.

Her note brought back some memories that, while fuzzy in my mind, were still fresh in hers. She referenced a handful of activities I’d planned for her and several of her middle-school friends and a brief conversation here and there as she grew up—nothing particularly significant in my mind. But God had used these periodic connecting points as an enduring means of grace and encouragement in her life.

Her closing paragraph touched me deeply:

Although you may not have biological children here on earth, your spiritual motherhood and its impact have been among the greatest blessings in my life. Thank you for being a shining example of Christ’s likeness. Happy Mother’s Day!

The note was signed, “From one of your many spiritual children.”

It doesn’t get much better than that.

I assure you that I fall far short of being the “shining example of Christ’s likeness” I long to be. But how I thank God for the way He uses our lives and efforts—imperfect as they are—to accomplish His purposes here on earth.

My response to my young friend captures the essence of this book, as well as my heart for you—whatever your season of life—as we begin this journey together:

I was pretty close to the age you are now when some of what you describe took place. I had no idea then how those simple things would impact the lives of you girls. I just wanted to love and encourage you. And God in His grace caused those seeds to take root and produce sweet fruit.

Now God has given you a precious daughter to disciple, and undoubtedly has put others in your sphere of influence. I pray your life will be a fragrance of Christ to them and that one day you will have the joy of receiving a note that will bless you as much as your note has blessed me.

Love, Nancy

And so the race goes on. Each of us supporting others and encouraging them to press on. One generation passing the baton to the next, preserving and inspiring godliness and gospel witness. And, in the process, the beauty of Jesus shines forth and His kingdom is advanced in our world.

“I thank God for the way He uses our lives and efforts to accomplish His purposes here on earth.”

This is a joy you can experience. It’s not about having a big platform or an official teaching role (though God may entrust one or both to you). More than that, it’s about living the life He has made you for and called you to, right where you are.

Older women modeling holiness, obedience, and love, and investing intentionally in the lives of younger women.

Younger women seeking and receiving, with humility and gratitude, the blessings given to them from seasoned women, only to pass the treasure on to others down the line.

Women of all ages—growing ever more beautiful as the gospel of Christ adorns our lives.

Adorning that gospel by the way we live.

And doing it all, step by step, together—the Titus 2 way.

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