Practice Honest Prayer for Lent

Aaron Damiani
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One of the gifts the local church can offer is to reconstitute broken relationships and heal divisions. No church does that perfectly, but it is our humble gift to the world to weep with those who weep (Rom. 12:15) and bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2). We can provide a sacred space for honest prayers and teach people the healing language of lament.

During your times of prayer this Lent, keep the following in mind:

If you experience emotions such as anger, fear, shame, or sadness, express those feelings to God. Remember, honesty evokes passion; this can deepen your prayer life. I find it helpful to hand-write in a journal with the heading “How I’m Honestly Doing Right Now.” I take the filter off and put words to my pain, offering it as a prayer to God. You can then turn to Scripture and let it speak into your struggle.

If someone in your life shares a crisis with you, write it down on a prayer list. Keep the list handy so you can intercede for them throughout Lent.

Take note of the pain of your community, and be in prayer where your community is suffering. If you’re a pastor, lead your congregation in a time of corporate lament on their behalf.

Finally, remember that as we grieve the world we know, Jesus is preparing the world God wants.

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