The Parents’ ABC Test for Media

Arlene Pellicane
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Before your children watch a new program or play a video game, think through this simple ABC test.

ATTITUDE: What kind of attitude does this program or game promote in my child? After my child watches this show or game, what is his or her attitude like?

BEHAVIOR: How does the content encourage my child to behave?

CHARACTER: What character traits are held up and praised? What character traits are devalued?

Teach your children these ABCs so they can learn discernment for themselves as they grow older. If your child finds himself watching an inappropriate movie at a friend’s house, talk about how he could respond. He might be honest and say, “I don’t think my parents would allow me to watch this,” and then call home. Or he might text a code word home as a signal to his parents in order to save face with his friend. This would prompt the parents to call and ask the child to come home for a particular reason.

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