14 Fresh Ways to Enjoy the Bible

Cover for 14 Fresh Ways to Enjoy the Bible
By: James Coakley
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The Bible is God’s masterpiece and gift to you—claim it for all that it’s worth.

The Bible is the most read book in all the world. But many of us get stuck in a rut when it comes to approaching it. Rather than feeling inspired and energized, we feel confused, disenchanted, or removed. Bible scholar and lover of God’s Word James Coakley wants to share fourteen invaluable strategies that will bring our Scripture study to life.

The Bible is historical, true, and it’s also great literature. The Artist who created the universe has also gifted us with His Word, which is beautifully designed and full of creativity. The same riveting techniques that modern authors use in their books were also used by Biblical authors long ago. Coakley opens our eyes to the dramatic and poetical ways God communicates to us. Readers will acquire practical strategies to engage in God’s Word and general guidelines that will keep them on track.

The literary skills mentioned in this book don’t require advanced training—just a desire to open and receive the gift of God’s Word. Would you like to unearth new treasure and insight whenever you open your Bible? Coakley promises an exciting ride and invigorating time in God’s eternal, life-changing Word!