Called Into Questions

Cover for Called Into Questions
By: Matthew Lee Anderson
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Do we know what it means to question well?

We need not fear questions. By the grace of God, we have the safety and security to rush headlong into them and find ourselves better for it on the other side.

Faith is not the sort of thing that endures so long as our eyes are closed. The opposite is the case: Faith helps us see, and that means not shrinking from the ambiguities and the difficulties that provoke our most profound questions.

In our embrace of questioning, we must learn to question well. In our uncertainty, we must not give up the task of walking worthy of the calling that Christ has placed upon us.

We are living in the age of deconstruction. We are constantly bombarded online, in schools, and sometimes even in our homes by attitudes and arguments aimed at deconstructing our faith. Called Into Questions is written to aid us in faithfully questioning our foundations. Professor Matthew Lee Anderson shows us, and the ones we love, how to grapple with doubt in a redemptive way—in a way that brings us closer and leaves us more secure in Jesus Christ.