Know. Own. Change.

Cover for Know. Own. Change.
By: Josh Clemons and Hazen Stevens
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Before you can do what’s right, you have to see what’s right.

When it comes to racial reconciliation, we often ask, “Where do we go from here?” But has it ever occurred to you that the real question is “Why are we still here?” In other words, until we’ve seen the problem of racism correctly—its history, its current effects, and its root causes—we aren’t equipped to head in the right direction. We’ll just keep falling into the same old patterns. The blind will lead the blind, and no one will have the vision to foster real change.

But take hope! Restoring our spiritual sight is exactly what Jesus came to achieve.

In this book, Josh Clemons and Hazen Stevens—one white, one black, and both brothers in Christ—will invite you to start the journey toward racial reconciliation and justice. Join us as we:

  • Know the story of racism in the West, the church’s complicity in it, and how that story impacts each of us
  • Own our own contributory roles in the present and historic sin of racism
  • Change the story by getting involved with the laborious—yet glorious!—work of racial reconciliation and justice

In Know. Own. Change., the authors set aside the world’s patterns of division and hate. Instead, they set a tone that emerges from spiritual kinship in Christ. Every page seeks to honor Him, pointing believers back to Jesus as the one who is reconciling all things to himself.