Wisdom’s Call

Cover for Wisdom’s Call
By: K. A. Ellis
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Like all great building projects, the world runs on the wisdom of its Architect.

The Bible tells us that the universe—its foundation, inner workings, and relationships—is a carefully ordered place designed for humanity’s good and God’s glory. Too often, however, we attempt life based on our own understanding. This brings chaos, confusion, and consternation. Yet the Wisdom foundation that undergirds the world is so strong, not even the selfish folly of man could destroy our Creator’s peace-filled intentions.

To become wise, we must respond to Wisdom’s call—to dwell in Wisdom’s house. Proverbs is full of practical wisdom on everyday living. Scripture teaches that Christ Himself is our wisdom—our way back to understanding how to build and live as the Architect intended. Those who meditate on the wisdom of Christ will find themselves living in Wisdom’s house once again. You will be refreshed and able to bring life to those around you—just like Christ who breathed life from its start.

Scripture is full of one generous and welcoming invitation after another. In Wisdom’s Call, K. A. Ellis shows us how to claim the asset of wisdom and invites us to experience Jesus Christ—the Wisdom on which our world rests. Ellis calls us to live in God’s magnificent world as people who are wise.