Confront Crossroads With Courage and Faith

Mark Jobe
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As you look back over your own story and try to explain how you ended up where you are, you may discover that there are many events that have affected your journey. Typically it was not one event that got you where you are; it was a series of events—and your response to those events—that led you to your current predicament.

I have seen many vibrant, gifted people unexpectedly end up stalled on the side of the road. They are scratching their heads and wondering what in the world happened to them. Often they linger so long in that spiritual traffic jam that their soul drains, their dreams evaporate, and they dismiss their vision as a season of naïve, youthful idealism.

Most of us reach a point when we have to decide whether we will continue to cling to the security of an old season or step into the uncertainty of a new one. This is a defining moment. It involves a step of obedience, an act of faith, and trusting our heavenly Father. You will know clearly if you have taken this step or not. I have met many people who know what they should do but live their life in perpetual postponement. They deceive themselves into thinking that they are on the way but actually are stuck waiting for the right timing, resources, or change in circumstances. They live with the illusion of progress but the reality of perpetual postponement.

I don’t know your story, but I do know that a new season is within your grasp. I hope you are beginning to hear the spiritual whisper calling you toward the next phase in God’s plan for you. That divine undertone, stirring a holy discontent that makes you long to live differently. I pray you find your heart even now being awakened to the possibilities of stepping bravely into your next season.

The first step is to quiet your soul and start to listen to the still small voice.

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