God Manifested in the Flesh

A. W. Tozer
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The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us . . . full of grace and truth.
– John 1:14

Christ Jesus is not only Redeemer, but the Sustainer, the Creator, the Upholder, the One who holds all things together, the adhesive quality of the universe.

To those who believe, Christ Jesus is the medium through whom God dispenses grace to all of His creatures, including those to be redeemed and those who do not need to be redeemed.

It is true that there are orders upon orders and ranks upon ranks of creatures that do not need to be redeemed. Yet, it is also true, that they live by grace as well as the lowest sinner who is converted.

“Everything God does is by grace.”

Through the apostle John, the Holy Spirit tells us that the eternal Son, the Word who became flesh, is full of grace and truth.

Let us remember this: everything God does is by grace, for no man, no creature, no being deserves anything. Salvation is by grace, the creation is by grace—all that God does is by grace and every human being has received of His fullness.

This boundless grace must operate wherever that which is not God appeals to that which is God; wherever the voice of the creature crosses the vast gulf to the ears of the Creator.

How do the angels get their broad wings?

Out of His grace.

How do the principalities and powers, the ranks and the columns of shining creatures appearing through the pages of the Bible get what they have?

Out of His grace upon grace.

I dare to ask in this context: What have you received of His grace and mercy?

Even though you may still be unconverted and going your own way, you have received much out of the ocean of His fullness. You have received the pulsing life that beats in your bosom. You have received the brilliant mind and brain within the protective covering of your skull. You have received a memory that strings the events you cherish and love as a jeweler strings pearls into a necklace and keeps them for you as long as you live and beyond.

All that you have is out of His grace. Jesus Christ, the eternal Word, who became flesh and dwelt among us, is the open channel through which God moves to provide all the benefits He gives to saints and sinners.

And what about the years, the rest of your existence? You cannot believe that you have earned it.

You cannot believe that it has something to do with whether you are good or bad.

Confess that it is out of His grace, for the entire universe is the beneficiary of God’s grace and goodness.

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