God Rescues Us From the Pit

Becky Harling
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Discouragement can feel like a muddy pit. In those moments of disappointment and darkness, we feel our attitudes sinking. We can’t climb out of the pit like some athletic ninja. With our skill and strength gone, we can only whisper, “Help, God! I need you.”

“Jesus sets our feet on a solid foundation.”

The amazing thing about our God is that short prayers are fine with Him. Think about Peter: when he was walking on the water and started to sink, he simply prayed, “Lord, save me!” (Matt. 14:30). If you remember the story, Jesus stretched out His almighty hand and drew Peter back up from sinking. He does the same with you and me. In those moments when we feel like we’re sinking and our only worship is a simple cry for help, Jesus reaches out His hand and pulls us up out of the pit. He sets our feet on a solid foundation once again and puts a new song of praise in our mouths.

Ah, it’s a different kind of song. It’s no longer just a rote song that we sing by memory in church. No, it’s a fresh song of victory because we know it to be true. We remember how dark the pit was, and we are filled with renewed praise at God’s goodness in rescuing us. Often the deeper and darker the pit, the deeper and more determined our praise for the one who pulled us out. Then, we bow in worship and echo David’s song, singing with renewed determination and admiration, “I desire to do your will, my God” (Ps. 40:8).

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