Should Christians Venerate the Virgin Mary?

Don Cole
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I see no evidence in Scripture that the mother of Jesus or the saints (as defined by the Roman Catholic Church) were to be venerated. When Cornelius fell on his knees before Peter, Peter yanked him to his feet, saying, “Stand up. I am only a man myself ” (Acts 10:26). Later, Paul and Barnabas were aghast at worship (or veneration) offered them. They tore their clothes in dismay (Acts 14:8–18). The thrust of the ministry of the apostles, whether by word or in their writings, was to direct worship to the Lord Himself.

True, Mary was blessed. She was given special favor: to be the mother of Jesus. But there is no suggestion anywhere in Scripture that she should receive homage, veneration, devotion, or worship. That should be directed to our risen Lord.

Veneration and other forms of devotion raise another problem: seeking guidance or information from Mary and the saints detracts from the authority of Scripture. God speaks to us through the Word. What should be said about “messages” from sources other than the Bible, especially if they conflict with plain statements in God’s Word?

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