What Is Kingdom Race Theology?

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As a biblical kingdomologist, I am unashamedly committed to the absolute authority and inerrancy of Scripture as my final source of truth (John 17:17). As a black man, I am proud of the unique history and culture God has allowed me to partake of, as well as the unique perspective they give me. As an American, I am committed to this nation of my birth, along with the freedom and opportunities it offers and the oneness it seeks to achieve. It is my goal in this work and in my ministry to provide and promote a kingdom approach to the subject of the church, race, justice, and oneness. I seek to take the issues out of the realm of human speculation and esoteric analysis as well as the limitation of the kingdom of men and place them squarely in the hands of the kingdom of God, which is where they belong.

Our racial divide is a sinful disease. Over-the-counter human remedies won’t fix it; they merely mask the symptoms for a season. What we need is a prescription from the Creator to destroy this cancer before it destroys us. What the church desperately needs is a Kingdom Race Theology (KRT) that gives a biblical framework and practical solutions to our ongoing ethnic divide. This book is my humble attempt to provide such an ecclesiological framework. If the church can ever get this issue of oneness right, then we can help America finally become the “one nation under God” that we declare ourselves to be. When we get it right in the church house—first—then we can spread it to the White House and beyond (Eph. 3:10). Scripture is clear that the spiritual condition of God’s people greatly affects whether there is order or chaos in society (2 Chron. 15:3–6).

“Our racial divide is a sinful disease.”

Kingdom Race Theology is part of a broader theological framework and worldview that I call the Kingdom Agenda (see my book of the same title for a comprehensive review of this worldview). In short, the “Kingdom Agenda” is the visible manifestation of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life. God’s kingdom has clearly addressed the issue of race and racism. He has spoken on this subject and has not stuttered. It is my humble goal to give a biblical, theological, and practical analysis of the issues along with an individual and collective action plan for resolving this stain on the church and our nation.

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