What Is the Goodness of God?

Bill Thrasher
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Goodness speaks generally of the moral perfection of God. “Good and upright is the Lord” (Psalm 25:8), and His very name is good (Psalm 52:9). In particular, His goodness speaks of His unchanging disposition of kindness, generosity, and holy pleasure in the joy of His people. He rejoices over His people to do them good (Deuteronomy 30:9; Jeremiah 32:41).

God is the most winsome, or pleasing, of all beings. He is better than the best of men. He is even better than your most ideal thought of any other delightful thing or person. His goodness is described as abundant (Psalm 145:7) and great (Nehemiah 9:25).

Men and women look to idols in order to meet the thirst of their hearts. But if one is convinced that God is altogether good, he or she will recognize the folly of drinking out of the polluted wells of sin instead of coming to Jesus to quench their thirst (John 7:37–39). For example, after King David drank from the wrong stream and suffered God’s rebuke, he recognized his folly and repented (2 Samuel 12:7–9, 13).1

The only appropriate response is to praise the Lord who is good and whose name is lovely (Psalm 135:3). Let all His good gifts of provisions, friendships, and help from others give you a small taste of His goodness.

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