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Am I Really That Bad?

By Drew Dyck

God created the first humans, Adam and Eve, in His image and appointed them stewards of His...

The Struggle at the Heart of the Bible

By Nate Pickowicz

If you were to open your Bible to the exact middle point, you would land in Psalm 119....

4 Results of Having a Conscious Enjoyment of God’s Presence

By Bill Thrasher

Have we not been guilty of ignoring the presence of the One who is better than the best of...

What Does Genesis Say About Angels?

By Adda Frick

Angels are created beings that serve God and minister to His saints (Hebrews 1:6­–7, 14). The...

What Are the Ordinances of the Church?

By Paul Enns

Protestants have historically recognized two ordinances, baptism and the Lord’s Supper,...

If the Bible Doesn’t Use “Trinity” to Describe God, Why Do We?

By David Tae-Kyung Rim

This is probably the most frequently asked and the most difficult question one can pose...

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Living Faithfully Amid Discouragement and Despair

By Erica Wiggenhorn

If we know the story of Moses’ life, we can certainly see how forty years of shepherding...

It’s OK to Grieve

By Becky Harling

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18...

Comprehend the Kingdom

By Hannah Anderson

For most of human history, pearls were hunted from the bottom of the seas and waterways, but...

The Voice of God: From Burning Bushes to Quiet Whispers

By Mark Jobe

Celebrated film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg asked, “What does God sound like?” I was in...

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62 Bible Verses on Persecution

Whereas most ways of living have the goal of ultimate satisfaction and comfort, the life of...

61 Bible Verses on Listening

Everyone listens to something—there is an ideology they prescribe to or a set of rules they...

34 Bible Verses on Orphans and Adoption

One of the ways that we learn about God’s character is through his law. In the Old Testament...

65 Bible Verses on Obedience

Obedience to God’s law has always been a sign identifying His people. Though people have...

Book cover for Called Into Questions

Called Into Questions

Matthew Lee Anderson
Book cover for Called to Cultivate

Called to Cultivate

Chelsea Patterson Sobolik
Book cover for Just Show Up

Just Show Up

Drew Dyck
Book cover for No Greater Love

No Greater Love

Rebecca McLaughlin
Book cover for Wisdom’s Call

Wisdom’s Call

K. A. Ellis
Book cover for Memorizing Scripture

Memorizing Scripture

Glenna Marshall